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  Date of Birth
  Age Years
  Nagarathar Kovil
  Number of Brothers           Married    
  Number of Sisters           Married    

  Father's Name
  Mother's Name
  Pin code
  Phone Number (Office)          Residence     

  Pin Code
  Phone No
  House at Native
  Pangali's Name

  Marital Status
  Educational Qualification
  Employer's/Business Name
  Employer's/Business Address
  Phone No
  Income/Salary Rs
  Blood Group
  Height and Weight
  Languages Known
  Known major illness:if any
  Do you wear spectacles
  Additional Qualification/Acheivements/Extra
  curricular activities/Personal preferences:(Do
  not exceed 75 characters)
  Image (Photo Submission )

  Birth Star
  Birth Place
  Balance thasa at birth
  Birth Date
  Birth Time
  The keymap for the necessary entries in the jadagam is given below:
  Chandran      -     cnf
  Kuli                -     K
  Lagnam         -      l
  Pudhan         -      p<
  Sani               -      c[i
  Suriyan         -      Vri
Chukran     -     ckf
Kethu         -     Ek
Mandhini   -     ma
Raghu         -     ra
Sevvai         -    ec
Vyalan         -    vi

  Pin Code
  Phone Number (Office)          Residence     

I Accept the terms and Conditions

Registration number will be allotted by the following Sunday. This will be reference id for contacting us.

As soon as the marriages are settled, the information should be given without any delay by quoting
the profile id to the co-ordinator so that the record can be updated on time.

Please quote your profile id in all your emails
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